The Prime Minister has approved a master plan for the Thanh Thuy border gate economic zone (EZ) in northern mountainous Ha Giang province to 2030.

The zone is set to become a trade and tourism complex aimed at promoting international integration and socio-economic development while ensuring national security.

The EZ is expected to have a population of about 35,000 – 40,000 people by 2030, about 60 percent of whom will be workers.

Seven economic centres are also scheduled to be established, including Thanh Thuy and Lao Chai as the two largest. Tourism sites will also be developed at Lang Ping, Suu and Nam Tha springs along with the Phong Quan and Tay Con Linh protected areas.

Infrastructure development is a key focus for comprehensive development of the EZ. New roads and bridges over the Lo River will be constructed along with upgrades to the portion of National Highway 4 which goes through the zone.

The EZ spreads over an area of more than 28,700ha through seven communes in Vi Xuyen and Phuong Do districts./.