In recent days, young Hanoians have been gathering at Thach Cau street in Hanoi’s Long Bien district to admire the Tam Giac Mach (buckwheat) flowers, which are usually only seen in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang.

Visitors to this Tam Giac Mach flower garden, which spans an area of 5,000 square metres, may think they were in Ha Giang province, where the flowers can be found in many places.

Buckwheat flowers symbolize love and happiness. They are cultivated for grain-like seeds which are used to make food specialties by ethnic people in the mountainous region.

In Ha Giang province, the flower is often planted around September. The carpets of buckwheat flowers usually lure many visitors to the province when they are in full bloom from late October to early November.

However, the flowers can be grown at the wrong time of year on alluvial soil in Hanoi.

The garden's owner told reporters: "Many visitors have traveled hundreds of km to Ha Giang province for admiring the beauty of buckwheat flowers. But there are many Hanoians who can afford traveling but do not have enough time. That’s why we have brought the flower to the city."

Growers said buckwheat is a strong plant which grows easily. In Hanoi the flowers bloom for about a month, changing from white at first to a shade of pink.

A visitor to the garden said: "This time is not the buckwheat flower season but I still can enjoy it even in Hanoi. It’s so natural and beautiful."

Meanwhile, according to another visitor, in a noisy big city, this flower garden can help people relax by bringing them closer to nature.-VNA