Hanoi (VNA) – Cambodia reported 111 COVID-19 Omicron variant cases on February 6, the second straight day with a triple-digit increase in the number of such infections.

According to Cambodia’s Ministry of Health, 16 of the new infections were imported and 95 locally transmitted. It said that the Southeast Asian country had reported zero deaths from the COVID-19 for 33 days.

Cambodia detected the first Omicron cases on December 14, 2021, according to the ministry. The country has so far registered a total of 1,332 Omicron cases, including 544 imported and 788 community ones.

Since the pandemic hit Cambodia in January 2020, the kingdom has logged a total of 121,773 cases, with 3,015 deaths and 118,122 recoveries.

Cambodia has so far administered at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccines to 14.36 million people, or 89.7 percent of its 16 million population, the MoH said, adding that of them, 13.77 million, or 86 percent, have been fully vaccinated with two required shots.

Meanwhile, statistics from “Our World in Data” (OWID) showed that 55 countries and territories have completed the target of having 70 percent of their population fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in mid-2022, including Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam. At the same time, 33 others, including Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, are getting close to the target. The remaining 117 out of the 205 countries and territories under the OWID supervision are not likely to complete the goal, including all African countries./.