The Phnom Penh Municipal Police on March 6 held an anti-riot training at the capital's Olympic Stadium in preparation for any future demonstrations.

According to chief of the Municipal Police, General Chuon Sovann, this is a regular drill of the security forces to strengthen their abilities in maintaining security, safety and public order for the city.

More than 2,000 policemen joined the half-day training, he said.

Chuon Sovann also stressed that the exercise had no aim to threaten the opposite camp or its trade unions that have planned to hold rallies, but it aimed to protect safety and public order in the capital if any violence occur during protests.

The security forces will protect demonstrators if their demonstrations get permission from the government or the interior ministry, he said.

The exercise came after 18 trade unions and associations of the opposite side announced to hold a public forum at the Freedom Park in Phnom Penh on March 8 though the City Hall refused to give them permission.

Prime Minister Hun Sen on March 4 reiterated that the government will longer tolerate illegal strikes or demonstrations led by the opposition party and its aligned trade unions.-VNA