Cambodian authorities are considering their response after the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) announced that it will go ahead with a planned public gathering of its supporters on March 30, despite permission being denied by City Hall, according to military police spokesman Major General Kheng Kito.

Speaking with the local media, Kheng Kito said the force is ready to take orders as the situation develops.

If the CNRP does not show cooperation, the Cambodian military police will take professional measures to stop them from gathering, he said.

After the CNRP announced its plan to hold the meeting, which it described as a congress of supporters involving about 5,000 people, the Phnom Penh military police conducted an anti-riot manoeuvre in Pur Senchey district and on March 27, armed police were stationed at key spots around Phnom Penh .

Meanwhile, Phnom Penh Military Police Chief Rat Sreang said once CNRP supporters gather in the capital’s Freedom Park, the force will implement the orders of the Interior Ministry, City Hall and other authorised agencies to ensure order, security and observance of the law in the city.-VNA