Canada’s Governor General David Johnston talked with students of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Hanoi on Nov. 17 during his current State-level visit to the country.

Canada is pursuing a policy of enhancing culture and knowledge through exchange and cooperation to boost the fine relations between the countries. Canada’s close relationship with Vietnam is developing in various fields, the Governor General said.

Johnston said Canada is home to 250,000 Vietnamese people who have made contributions to economics, socio-culture and education.

Canada has a diversified culture with no discrimination against immigrants, he said.

He told the students that he and his entourage, that includes two Canadian-Vietnamese, had visited the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s famous historical site and a traditional base for learning.

Rector of the university Nguyen Van Khanh expressed hope that the university will receive Canada’s assistance and cooperation in human resource development, training and research.

At a talks panel with a multicultural theme, Prof. Luong Van Hy from Toronto University of Canada emphasised the need to preserve traditional culture and learn from other cultures.

Meanwhile Canadian-Vietnamese writer Kim Thuy said each place has its own cultural identity and residents have to import culture where they live.

The scholars also answered students’ questions on cultural identity and preserving national cultural identity.

The same day, Governor General Johnston paid a floral tribute at the Monument of Heroic Martyrs, visited the Temple of Literature and an organic vegetable production establishment in Yen My commune, Thanh Tri district of Hanoi./.