World Vision and a development programme in Hải Lăng district, the central province of Quang Tri are providing free swimming courses for primary students, in a bid to prevent child drowning in the locality, especially during flooding season.

As many as 630 children aged 10-12 in Hai Lang district have been taught swimming skills since the beginning of the programme in 2012.

This is part of a project on children’s health care worth over 84,000 USD per year.

In 2014 alone, the programme prioritised teaching children in the seven lowland communes of Hai Quy, Hai Xuan, Hai Thien Hai Thanh, Hai Duong, Hai Hoa and Hai Truong.

Nguyen Hung Manh from Hai Lang district’s Sports Centre said there are many drowning cases every year in Hai Lang district d ue to its low terrain.

During half a month, he has provided the children with necessary swimming skills and instructed them of what to do when drowning.

There are two coaches and around 30 children in each class. The children will be taught how to breathe, move arms when swimming and first aid techniques.

Beneficiary communes have also been provided with life-jackets, diesel engines for boats, loudspeakers, medical tools and foods in case of emergency during flood seasons.

Thanks to the programme, many children in Hai Lang district have learnt how to swim. Local people have also gained awareness on the importance of preventing drowning and the necessary skills to promptly save their children when in need.-VNA