Over 40 Chinese businesses operating in finance, labour, real estate and construction made a fact-finding tour of Ho Chi Minh City on April 16 to seek business opportunities in the metropolis.

According to Irence Va Kuan Lau, Director of the Trade and Investment Promotion Agency in Macao (China), the visit aims to promote trade and investment links between Vietnamese and Chinese firms.

The event helped the two countries’ business communities to share updated information on the market and seek partners, thus establishing cooperation in the future, she said.

She added that through their visit, Chinese firms were also provided with insights into the investment climate in Vietnam.

At present, Vietnam mainly ships crude oil, coal, computers, telephones, rubber, rice, vegetables and seafood to China, while importing machines, textiles, steel and fertiliser from the country.

According to Vietnamese Customs, Vietnam-China import-export value was 58 billion USD in 2014, up 17 percent from 2013. Trade from January-March grew 17.5 percent annually to 14.6 billion USD.

Vietnam and China have set goals to bring bilateral trade revenue to 60 billion USD in 2015 and 100 billion USD in 2017.-VNA