A senior Chinese official said he believed that under the leadership of the freshly-elected Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people will unite to seize opportunities and overcome all challenges to boost the country’s renewal cause comprehensively.

Wang Jiarui, Head of the International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the statement during his talks with the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Beijing on Jan. 19, the closing day of Vietnam’s 11 th National Party Congress.

“The 11 th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) is a great event that commences the second decade of the 21 st century,” Wang said.

He expressed hopes that by thoroughly grasping the spirit of the 11 th National Party Congress, the Vietnamese people will step by step accomplish the goal of turning their country into a strong socialist country with wealthy people and a democratic, equitable and civilised society.

Wang noted in the past five years under the CPV’s leadership, Vietnam’s renewal cause has been unceasingly sped up with political stability, fast economic development, the people’s improved living conditions, and positive changes in the country.

He affirmed that under direct instructions from the two countries’ leaders and joint efforts made by the two peoples, the China-Vietnam cooperation and friendship had been constantly strengthened and boosted.

On politics, both countries have actively sped up contacts, discussions and exchanges to promote mutual understanding and trust, Wang said.

Economic ties have been also further accelerated with two-way trade value surpassing 30 billion USD in 2010.

Regarding Party ties, Wang mentioned the organisation of six theoretical seminars, and exchange of visits and officials was conducted frequently.

The two countries’ people exchanged numerous activities successfully during the China-Vietnam Friendship Year and the China-Vietnam Youth Congress was held successfully with spreading effects.

During the talks, Wang also underlined that strengthening and developing the comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership between China and Vietnam conformed with the fundamental interests of the two Parties and the two peoples and is a consistent policy that the Chinese Party and State have pursued.

China has persisted with the motto “Friendly neighbourliness, comprehensive cooperation, long-lasting stability and looking forward to the future” and the spirit of, “Good friend, good neighbour, good partner and good comrade”, Wang said.

It will continue to retain and increase the exchange of activities at high levels to further solidify trust, deepen cooperation, broaden the people’s exchange of ties, appropriately settle issues arising in the two countries’ relations, and elevate the China-Vietnam comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership to a new height, the Chinese party official emphasised./.