Cities to strengthen hygiene inspections hinh anh 1Customers purchase vegetables at a supermarket in Hanoi. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – The Hanoi authorities will tighten food safety management and inspection during the Food Safety Action Month taking place in all provinces and cities nationwide from April 15.

Speaking at a workshop to launch the action month on April 12 in Hanoi, Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that food safety was one of the major issues of concern for the government and the National Assembly.

“Authorities should find out and list publicly the violators as well as instruct residents on how to identify unsafe foods in the market,” Long said.

“People want to consume safe food and vegetables. To ensure that, the trading and use of banned substances in agriculture and food processing should be strictly punished as per the current laws and regulations,” he said.

“Leaders of cities and provinces should take the responsibility for every violation found in their localities,” Long added.

The annual month aims to promote the production, trading and consumption of safe vegetable and meat products and handle violations relating to the use and trading of banned substances in breeding and farming.

During the month, the city will strengthen supervision and inspection with an aim to find and punish groups and individuals violating food safety regulations.

The city has formed six inspection teams to tour all districts to check food hygiene and safety, especially with regard to the cultivation and trading of vegetables and meat products.

The Hanoi Health Department Deputy Director Hoang Duc Hanh said that it was necessary to improve the management of food materials from safe cultivation and production to product processing and distribution in the market.

Communication campaigns will also be promoted to enhance the community’s awareness on food production, trading and consumption.

Information about safe food products and manufacturers will be popularised through mass media to ensure that people avoid buying unsafe foods.

The action month on food safety will also start on the 15th of this month in HCM City, the city’s Food Safety and Hygiene Department said.

The city’s inspection team will check management activities related to food safety in districts across the city.

Fruit, vegetables and meat products will be a priority during this evaluation period.

The launch ceremony is scheduled to be held in Cu Chi District, the main supplier of agricultural products.

During the action month, activities to enhance consumer confidence in buying and consuming fresh food will be held. The media will be widely used to raise awareness on food safety and the requirements of food certificates.

Dr Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai, Deputy Head of Food Safety and Hygiene Department, said the department would inspect premises, test food and handle violations in the city.

In addition, facilities providing catering services will be expanded, especially in areas where there are many public canteens.-VNA