The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee met in Hanoi on August 19 to comment on the draft Law on Reception of Citizens, as part of its 20th session.

A majority of lawmakers stressed the need to issue the bill, saying that it will lay a foundation for the settlement of complaints and denunciations.

According to them, the reception of citizens should be hosted on a regular basis and be the responsibility of all organisations and units in the political system, especially State administrative agencies.

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said only when the settlement of complaints and denunciations are specified, should a public reception centre be opened. Otherwise, a State-level office of this kind is enough.

Head of the NA’s Law Committee Phan Trung Ly pledged to supplement regulations on authorised agencies’ responsibilities for dealing with public complaints.

Government Deputy Chief Inspector Nguyen Van Thanh said in order to better play host to residents, the draft law will specify tasks that directors of departments will undertake to resolve citizens’ petitions within a fixed duration.

Sharing his opinion, head of the NA’s Committee for People’s Aspirations Nguyen Duc Hien suggested clarifying the legal status of all-level public reception head offices.

He proposed opening a unit specialising in transferring cases to authorised agencies.

On the same day, the NA Standing Committee also discussed the draft law on amendments and supplements to some articles of the Law on Emulation and Reward and the draft law on employment.-VNA