Ho Chi Minh City has just compiled a master plan for developing the city's textile-garment industry to 2020 with a vision to 2030, the Saigon Times Daily reported.

Under the master plan, the local government plans to relocate apparel factories to neighbouring localities while turning the city into a fashion design hub, added the Daily.

The city’s apparel output is estimated to increase by 53 million products by the end of next year, or equal to the combined average output of 17 garment factories.

After 2020, apparel factories will be located in industrial zones and other provinces with sufficient labour supply. Meanwhile, garment companies in the city should be solely responsible for design and export-import operations.

Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Nha Be, Thu Duc districts in the future will only have small-scale apparel facilities with three to five production lines to provide products for the city’s tourists while textile-garment firms in the inner-city districts will focus on designing and introducing new products without expanding their current manufacturing facilities.

At the same time, Tan Binh, Dai Quang Minh, and Soai Kinh Lam textile markets among others will become wholesalers of textile-garment materials.

The total investment capital for developing the city’s textile-garment industry is estimated at 33 trillion VND by 2025 with investments in the inner city accounting for 8.75 trillion VND.

According to experts, the training of human resources is core to achieving the goal of turning the city into a fashion design hub. The city will also need at least 3,000 more engineers, technicians and designers by 2025.-VNA