The National Committee for Search and Rescue on Dec. 29 asked the Ministry of Transport and relevant agencies to work on a joint high-level plan to search for the missing Vinalines Queen vessel after international search and rescue forces informed they temporarily halted their mission.

The cargo ship Vinalines Queen, with 23 crew members on board, was reported missing in the Philippines sea while carrying 54,400 tonnes of nikel ore from Indonesia ’s Morowali port to Ningde port of China .

According to Vinalines Shipping, the vessel’s owner, as of 7 am on Dec. 25, upon reaching the area northeast of Luzon island of the Philippines , the Vinalines Queen announced it had an 18 degree incline, and lost radio contact with Vinalines Shipping afterwards.

The Vietnam Maritime Rescue Cooperation Center said rescue groups from Japan , the Philippines and Taiwan of China had searched on a range of nearly 1,400 sq. km for hours but failed to notice any signs of the Vietnamese ship.

Nguyen Van Hanh, Director of Vinalines Shipping, said that by 16hrs of Dec. 29, search and rescue efforts for the missing ship harvested no result.

Vinalines Shipping has asked the Foreign Ministry and the Philippine Embassy in Vietnam to inform Philippine coastal localities in the water area where Vinalines Queen was reported missing and call on them to help with the search./