The Granma newspaper, official organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, has run an article, emphasising late President Ho Chi Minh’s testament.

Titled Ho Chi Minh’s testament put into action, Mata Rojas’s article highlighted the President’s revolutionary involvement as well as his role in founding the Indochinese Communist Party, the precursor of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

The female Cuban journalist, who is Vice President of the Cuba-Vietnam Friendship Association, highlighted the patriotism of the youth Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh’s name in his youth), who joined in founding the French Communist Party and pioneered in the struggle against colonialism during the years he lived in France.

Illustrated with a photo of Uncle Ho with his typewriter, the article stressed that the influence of his ideas and his actions has spread from generation to generation.

His achievements are still being built on today by the Vietnamese people, becoming a model to which to aspire for revolutionary people and friends around the world, said the article.

The author mentioned Ho Chi Minh’s testament, in which he emphasised the importance of solidarity within the Party. In his prescient words, he affirmed the Vietnamese people’s struggle was just, that it would struggle through many difficulties, but would completely triumph in the end./.