Vice Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Huynh Ngoc Son hosted a reception in Hanoi on April 20 for the visiting Czech delegation of the Committee on Budgetary Control at the Chamber of Deputies headed by Chairman Vladimir Konicek.

Lauding the development of the 65-year-old traditional ties between Vietnam and the Czech Republic, the NA Vice Chairman reiterated that Vietnam treasures its relationship with the Czech Republic and was grateful for its support during the struggle for national independence.

Son hoped the Czech Republic, as a member of the European Union (EU), would urge the European Parliament to ratify the EU-Vietnam Agreement on Comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation (PCA) and sign the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2015 alongside its early recognition of Vietnam’s market economy status.

He suggested the two sides strengthen their cooperation and increase delegation exchanges to share experiences in issues of mutual interest.

For his part, the guest hailed the strong development of relations between the two legislatures and their contributions to the growth of bilateral ties.

He proposed both sides expand cooperation in trade, agriculture and industry, not only to benefit their people but also to fuel world peace and regional stability.

The same day, the Czech delegation had a working session with Chairman of the NA Committee on Finance and State Budget Phung Quoc Hien.

The two sides focused their discussion on cooperation in State budget supervision.

They agreed to boost ties and increase information and experience exchanges.-VNA