Central Da Nang city has launched a project to conduct comprehensive assessment of climate change response for water resources in the city till April 2015.

The project is part of the overall environmental projects against climate change, having a budget of 223,281 USD funded by the Rockerfeller Foundation.

The goal of the project is to ensure the water resource planning of the city in the future to make these resources resistant to the effects of climate change.

The project covers researching and evaluating the current usage of surface water and water resource management, forecast of water resources and demands for water usage in the context of urbanisation and climate change to propose solutions to adapt to climate change.

To implement the project, experts will assess the current situation of water supply plants in the area, and study the supply of water taken from the basin of Vu Gia and Thu Bon Rivers to the city, and irrigation and hydropower works for water supply across the region.-VNA