The central city of Da Nang plans to develop tourism into one of the key sectors that makes up a large proportion in its economic structure.

The city has set a target of welcoming 3.6 million visitors, including 820,000 foreigners, earning more than 8.8 trillion VND (420 million USD) in 2014. It also aims for an average annual tourism revenue growth of 15-16 percent between now and 2020.

To that end, Da Nang will invest more in building socio-economic and urban infrastructure with a view to turning itself into an eco-city by 2020.

The city is now home to 60 tourism projects worth over 4 billion USD in total, helping increase its attraction to holidaymakers.

In the past three years, tourist arrivals to Da Nang numbered 8 million, representing an annual increase of 19.2 percent. Of them, 1.9 million were foreigners.

Last year, the city welcomed over 3.1 million travellers, including 743,000 foreign visitors, generating some 7.8 trillion VND (371 million USD), an increase of 29.8 percent from 2012.

Da Nang has been ranked among the top ten most outstanding new emerging destinations in Asia in 2014 by the users of, a renowned hotel booking website.-VNA