Dambri Waterfall is the most beautiful and highest waterfall of Lam Dong province. The waterfall is over 57m high, falling down a cliff and creating a scenery both so poetic and majestic.

From the center of Bao Loc city, going about 17km in the southwest, visitors will reach Dambri waterfall, where the wild sceneries create a sense of peace. Currently, this place is an eco-tourism area attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year.

According to the native Co Ho people here, in the past, there was a couple who fell in love with each other, they often came to talk and exchanged their vows of love by the waterfall.

One day, the man suddenly went missing. The woman was so sad that she kept on crying forever and her tears turned into the mighty waterfall today. Co Ho people here named this waterfall Dambri which means "The waterfall of waiting".

In the area surrounding Dambri Waterfall, there is also a primeval forest which has preserved hundreds of rare species of animals and plants. There are many ancient trees that are over 2m in diameter.

Apart from visiting Damb'ri waterfall, visitors can come here to visit other majestic waterfalls located on the same systems of streams flowing to Dambri waterfall like Dasara waterfall and Daton waterfall./.