The prestigious Human Mutation Magazine has recently published a research on the Vietnamese genome. The research is the largest database ever of Vietnamese genome.

The research has further clarified the origin of the Vietnamese people by decoding the genome of 305 healthy Kinh ethnic group’s people, combined with data of 101 previously-published genome. The most surprising thing is the difference between the genome of the Kinh people and the Han ethnic group’s people.

Professor Nguyen Thanh Liem, president of the Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology said that when we compared the Kinh people’s genome with the genome of other ethnic groups’ people, we saw the Kinh people’s genome was very close to the genome of other ethnic groups in Southeast Asia.

But, it was far different from the Han people’s genome, who living in the northern region and related to the genome of Han people, who living in the southern region. However, the genome’s overlap was very little. It was a very interesting finding, regarding anthropology.

Data from the research reinforced the scientific hypothesis that ancient people settled in Southeast Asia, including Viet Nam and then moved deeply to the mainland of East Asia, in contrast with things people still believed before.

The data is a reference to biomedical research related to the health, disease and anthropology of Vietnamese people./.