Anyone who infringes on Vietnam’s territorial waters, contiguous zone, economic exclusive zone and continental shelf to explore and tap oil and gas will be fined from 900 million to one billion VND (42,000 – 47,000 USD) as of October 10 under a recent Government Decree.

Issued on August 27, Decree No. 97/2013/ND-CP stipulates that any foreign violator, besides paying the fine, will be deported from Vietnam.

Offenders will have their equipment confiscated.

It also prescribes fines and additional penalties for offences regarding mining and oil and gas exploration, safety, security and the environment in oil and gas fields, conditions in petroleum trading, among other regulations.

The rights of Chairpersons of all-level People’s Committees and agencies involved in market management, public security, customs, border guards, marine police and inspection to hand out punishments are also made clear in the document.-VNA