Denmark pledged to continue to support Vietnam in developing high quality pig breeding, Danish Ambassador to Vietnam John Nielsen said in a conference in Ho Chi Minh City on October 16.

John Nielsen said Vietnam’s pig breeding sector improved significantly in recent years, but production and quality could not meet the demand, while Denmark’s enterprises could assist Vietnam with different pig varieties and equipment.

Results on livestock imported from Denmark to Binh Thang and Thuy Phuong Livestock Breeding Centres showed a high genetic potential in terms of reproductive performance and growth. However, the centres also said not all the species would be able to be adapted to breeding conditions in Vietnam. An evaluation programme should be conducted to select the ideal species for breeding, suitable for Vietnam’s climate and breeding conditions.

At the conference, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam requested the centres and other relevant entities to continue to implement the project, and apply advanced Danish technology.

According to the ministry, over the last 20 years, Denmark’s government has helped Vietnam develop its agriculture and rural areas with a capital of more than 500 million USD via a number of programmes on irrigation, aquaculture, climate change, agriculture and rural development, some of which have been running for more than 10 years.-VNA