Designer brings lacquer art to ao dai hinh anh 1Cotton padded coat combined with modern skirt. (Source:courtesy of Xuan Thu)  

Hanoi (VNA) - Designer Xuan Thu will introduce her latest collection inspired by traditional lacquer art at a fashion show at the National Museum of Vietnamese History on April 23.

Thu named her fashion show “Son” (Red) after the popular colour used in lacquer art. The show will feature three collections of ao dai (traditional long dress), ao oông (cotton padded jackets) and modern clothes.

She used brocade, raw silk and chiffon for her ao dai designs in brown and a reddish-brown. Decorative pattern of lotus, like those found on ceramic wares of 11th -15th century appear on many items in the collection.

“On these items, folk handicrafts symbolised by lotus petals, strings of daisies and patterns on ancient ceramic will tell their own tales,” Thu told Vietnam News, “I want my fashion to be not only for wearing but also a connection between folk tradition and modern culture.”

The same fashion show also showcases her latest collection of ao bong (cotton padded jacket) sewed totally by hand, using velvet material.

The show will feature noted pianist Pho An My and lighting director Dang Xuan Truong.

Thu is the creative director of two fashion brands. Xthu includes office designs, casual clothes, fashion accessories; and Nguyen Galli offers cotton padded jackets, ao dai, coats, and handmade haute couture clothes.

In 2015 she introduced her Duyen (Charm) collection using brown flower patterns of 15th -17th century ceramic wares.

The show will start at 7.30pm, Sunday, at No 1 Trang Tien Street.-VNA