Twenty two kilometers Southeast of Dalat city center (Lam Dong), there is a famous tea region that has been there since 1927 with the original name of Cau Dat L’Arbre Broyé Tea Department.

After many ups and downs of history, only about 200 hectares of tea plant still remain in this area, of which many new tea varieties are grown to replace the old ones with low productivity.

More importantly, this place still preserves about 3 hectares of ancient tea variety that has been there since the establishment of Cau Dat tea region.

The original 100-year-old tea trees are always well looked after and harvested regularly. Their trunks have a diameter of 20 to 40 centimeters and their canopy are more than 1 meter wide.

This place is not only a supplier of raw materials for the tea industry but is also a tourist destination that attracts many tourists. Cau Dat tea region is famous for its vast green tea hills.

Three common types of tea in Cau Dat are oolong, green and black tea, among which oolong and green tea sell the most since they are most suited to the Vietnamese taste./.