A documentary film on the Hoang Sa archipelago by Vietnamese French director Andre Menras was screened at the Vietnamese Culture Centre in Paris on May 11.

The film entitled “Hoang Sa Vietnam: Noi dau mat mat” (Vietnam’s Hoang Sa: Pain and Loss) reflected the life of fishermen in the coastal district of Binh Son and the island district of Ly Son, the central province of Quang Ngai. Despite difficulties, fishermen go fishing, affirming sovereignty over the sea and islands.

Images of widows and orphans whose husbands and fathers died during voyages for earning their living and for the Fatherland’s sacred territorial touched the heart of the audiences.

Menras told Vietnamese News Agency correspondents that he has visited Vietnam for many times to meet local people and authorities to better his understanding of the nature and the live of fishermen in the central region.

He said he continues to screen the films and raise fund for needy fishermen in Vietnam .

Earlier, the film was presented in other French cities such as Toulouse and Beziers and some European countries like Germany , the Czech Republic and Poland.-VNA