A Vietnamese cargo ship whose rudder broke down in Indian waters more than two weeks ago and has been drifting since has been towed to India’s Kolkata port.

The Anh, the owner of the ship, said with the assistance of the Vietnamese embassy in India and authorised Indian agencies, Anh Son was towed to the port in West Bengal of India at 19hrs (local time) on July 12.

All of its crew and property were in safe condition, he said, adding that the ship has planned to stay at the port for four days to unload goods.

However, the ship was only towed to Kolkata port for temporary shelter. Its rudder can not be fixed here because of the port’s lack of facilities. Its owner said he will further coordinate with India ’s relevant agencies to seek a suitable port for repairing the ship.

The ship’s crew has been provided with 200 tonnes of water, one tonne of rice and other necessaries to live on for two months

At present, Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty Insurance Company (PNI) has sent its staff to India to assess the ship’s losses for early compensation.

The ship, which belongs to the Hai Phong-based Anh Son Shipping Trading Co. Ltd., was shipping timber from the northern port of Hai Phong to India . With 15 crewmen on board, it had been floating adrift and out of control in Indian waters almost 32 nautical miles from shore since June 26. Due to their helpless condition, rough seas, strong winds and shortage of food, the ship sent distress signals.

On receiving news of the incident, the Vietnamese Embassy in India asked for India ’s immediate help for the ship.-VNA