A Vietnam-Laos joint plan to combat drug trafficking on the two countries’ shared borderline has become a model in the fight against drugs and should be applied in other areas.

At a conference to review the outcomes of the plan, called Plan 1048, after nine months of implementation, in Hanoi on January 15, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc commended the anti-drug forces of the two countries on their efforts to implement the plan.

The Border Guard High Command reported that the border guard force and police, in coordination with Lao partners, have dealt with 158 cases of drug trafficking during the reviewed period. They arrested 248 suspects and confiscated 310 bars of heroin, 116 kg of heroin white powder and nearly 16,000 pills of synthetic drugs.

In addition, the forces have detected many petty drug offences, helping reduce the abuse of drug in local communities. Special attention was paid to education campaigns to enhance the public’s awareness, thus the plan has received support and assistance from local people.

The report highlighted the positive changes in several hot spots, such as Long Luong commune in Moc Chau district, Sơn La province of Vietnam or Muong and Huoi Hieng communes in Sop Bau district, the Lao province of Houphane . Many drug dealers in these areas have made commitments to end the trade.

Drug-related crimes are increasing due to huge profits stemming from the illegal trade of the stuff, Deputy Prime Minister Phuc warned, noting that international cooperation in combating transnational criminal rings, especially those involved drugs, will be very important.
He instructed relevant agencies to intensify coordination with Lao partners as well as local authorities at all levels to make the drug fight more efficient.

He also asked localities and anti-drug forces to apply Plan 1048 suitably so as to wipe out drug trafficking hotspots on the common border.-VNA