Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, the Duke of York, met with Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra last week to discuss public affairs and strengthen the Thai-UK trade and investment partnership.

During his official visit at Government House, Prince Andrew praised the development in many ways in Thailand , especially political stability and economic recovery.

He expressed his confidence that Thailand will play an important role at both regional and international levels and gave suggestions on the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community, stressing that the most important thing is economic cooperation which will greatly increase ASEAN’s competitiveness.

In terms of trade and investment between Thailand and the UK , the Duke of York suggested that the Thai government encourage Thai investors to enter the UK more.

He said there are British businesses and industries, especially those related to steel and mining, which still need new investors with creativity.

Prime Minister Yingluck briefed Prince Andrew about the current situation in Thailand , saying that the country is in the process of reconciliation and bridging gaps between the rich and the poor.

The PM stated that the government is implementing policies for the maximum benefit of the public while agreeing with the Duke of York on encouraging more Thai investors to do business with the UK.-VNA