A ceremony was held on April 20 in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh to establish the Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company under the Vietnam Electricity’s Power Generation Corporation 1 (EVNGENCO 1).

The company, located in Dan Thanh village of Duyen Hai district, will be responsible for a number of activities, including electricity production and trading, managing, operating and maintaining the Duyen Hai thermal power plants and the Duyen Hai Power Centre seaport.

The Duyen Hai Power Centre, covering nearly 880 hectares in Dan Thanh commune, Duyen Hai district has a capacity of roughly 4,308 megawatts.

The project, at a cost of more than five billion USD invested by EVNGENCO 1, includes four units using coal fired traditional condensed steam turbine technology and the largest coal port in the Mekong Delta.

Construction of the 622.5-megawatt-capacity turbine No. 1 has been completed and it is connected to the national power grid on a trial basis.

The turbine will officially be linked with the national grid on July 25.-VNA