Elevating Mai Chau into a captivating and friendly destination

With its magnificent landscapes, fresh climate, and pristine villages and stilt houses retaining their unique cultural characteristics, Mai Chau district in Hoa Binh province has been steadily asserting itself as a “Captivating - Friendly - Safe” destination for both domestic and international visitors.

Hoa Binh province is mobilising all available resources to develop Mai Chau into a key tourism area, making it an attractive, friendly, and safe destination by 2025. The target is to welcome 770,000 visitors, including 257,000 international tourists, to Mai Chau and generate total revenue of 570 billion VND (nearly 23 million USD) while creating 4,800 jobs. 

Mai Chau will focus this year on organising the cultural festivals of local people. The upcoming Mai Chau cycling race on May 2-3 will again be an opportunity to promote Mai Chau’s image to a wider audience.

It was ranked in the top 10 most beloved destinations in Vietnam in the 2023 Traveller Review Awards, contributing to increasing its recognition among tourists both domestically and internationally. 

Mai Chau’s tourism sector will focus on maximising its existing advantages, developing diverse tourism products, and creating new tourism offerings that leverage the district’s potential and advantages. It will also continue to exploit the values of its tourism resources, focusing on cultural values, historical relics, and scenic spots./.