In late autumn and early winter, the weather in Moc Chau is quite special, with a mixture of chilly winds and golden sunshine. This is also when many tourists descend upon the plateau.

Persimmon orchards are seeing leaves fall from trees at this time of year. On the thin branches are only the fruit. It’s a beautiful sight for visitors to enjoy.

Moc Chau persimmon comes in many different types. Crispy persimmon can be eaten immediately after being picked from a tree. Soaked persimmons, meanwhile, must be placed in water for several days or more before being eaten. And eating acrid persimmons means waiting until they are soft and red after being hung in the breeze for a period time. All types of persimmon have been grown by the people of Moc Chau for decades.

Persimmon orchards in Moc Chau are quite diverse. Some are on flat terrain, with a large space for visitors to take photos. There are also orchards on hillsides in the wild, where visitors can try on the unique outfits of local ethnic minority groups. Whatever the scene, it offers visitors great photo opportunities and unforgettable memories./.