Hoan Kiem is a densely populated district and is home to many state agencies, tourist attractions, commercial centers, and also the venue for cultural and artistic events of the capital.

Therefore, this is considered a "hot" area in terms of environmental sanitation.

To prepare for the election of representatives to the XV National Assembly, the URENCO Hoan Kiem branch has developed a plan to ensure environmental sanitation in streets, alleys, residential areas, and especially polling stations, venues for cultural and artistic events to celebrate the election. 

URENCO Hoan Kiem also plans to collect waste from 6 am to 7 pm, from 3 to 5 times a day and transport all garbages to the gathering place, in accordance with regulations.

32 main streets of Hoan Kiem and key areas during the election, as well as areas surrounding the headquarters of the City Party’s Committee, the City People's Committee, the August Revolution Square, the Palace of Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Labor Culture, the Ly Thai To flower garden, are basically clean, well-ventilated, without any stagnant waste.

The company also prepares portable public toilets, ready to be installed when required. When doing their job, all workers of the company must ensure adequate labor protection equipment as required./.