Nung minority woman Nguyen Thi Thai had been living in poverty for nearly 20 years. She was always dependent on her husband, like many other women in her community. But she also dreamed of changing her life.

Her wish came true with the help of Oxfam Vietnam, a charitable organisation focusing on the alleviation of global poverty, in 2016. They granted her a loan and provided her with technical assistance in animal husbandry. The help, coupled with her determination to escape from poverty, not only improved her livelihood but also enabled her to put aside over 8,500 USD for house repairs.

Nung minority woman Leng Thi Lap was also challenged by poverty and gender inequality. In the hope of getting out of her situation, she borrowed 2,000 USD from the bank a few years ago to start breeding chickens. She was met with opposition at the time, from her husband and his relatives. But after seeing that her breeding model earns a profit, they are now fully behind her.

As ethnic minority women prove they can do business quite well, their position in their community has been reinforced.

Ethnic minority women, especially those in remote areas, are still challenged by gender inequality. However, with several projects in place on empowering women, they are expected to thrive and affirm their role within their community./.