A fine arts exhibition titled ‘Small Thing’, featuring small works, kicked off in Hanoi on February 11.

The event is organised by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association (VFAA) for the third time for the association’s members in Hanoi, as part of activities to welcome the upcoming Lunar New Year.

On the two-week display are over 190 small-size works by 191 artists in various mediums such as oils, lacquer, acrylics, silk, pastels, block prints, and painting on ‘Do’ paper.

Although the works feature different styles, content, themes and the hallmark of each artist, all works are filled with the aspiration for a new spring and new success in creating art.

On the occasion, the VFAA announced some scheduled events, including exhibitions by women artists, young painters and armed forces, as well as a cartoon exhibition and sculpture exhibition.-VNA