Exhibition on war remnants opens in Da Nang hinh anh 1Visitors at the exhibition (Source: VNA)

Da Nang (VNA) – An exhibition featuring over 200 objects and photos related to the past war in Vietnam and the country’s efforts towards overcoming the consequences of bombs and mines and residues of toxic chemicals leftover from the wartime kicked off in the central Da Nang city on November 7.

The exhibition called ‘Hoi Sinh Nhung Vung Dat Chet’ (Resurrection in Dead Lands) highlighted Vietnam’s efforts in cleaning up the environment in areas contaminated with residual toxic chemicals and in removing post-war unexploded ordnances.

The US army sprayed some 80 million litres of toxic chemicals from 1961 to 1971, 61 percent of which was Agent Orange containing 366 kilograms of dioxin, over nearly one quarter of the total area of South Vietnam.

Preliminary statistics showed that 4.8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to Agent Orange/dioxin, and about 3 million people became victims. Tens of thousands of people have died while millions of others have suffered from cancer and other incurable diseases as a result. Many of their offspring have also suffered from birth defects.

The exhibition will run through December 22.

Earlier, a similar exhibition was held in Ho Chi Minh City in April. - VNA