An exhibition was launched on August 29 at Hanoi’s Ho Chi Minh Museum on the testament of the late President Ho Chi Minh and the achievements that the Party, State and people of Vietnam have made during 45 years of implementing his will.

Along with the copy of the original ten-page testament, the exhibition also displays close to 200 photographs, documents and objects showcasing Vietnam’s successes over the last 45 years, including the liberation of the South and national reunification, socio-economic development, and the expansion of international cooperation.

The late President Ho Chi Minh wrote his will between May 1965 and May 1969. This special historical document has become a guideline for national development and building Vietnam ’s future.

The will also refers to the constant pursuit of the transition to socialism and the implementation of the renewal process. Furthermore, it notes the importance of strengthening international solidarity and utilising the strengths of the nation and today’s era to contribute to global efforts promoting the world revolution.

Jointly organised by the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the Reserve Department of the Party Central Committee Office and the Academy of Journalism and Communications, the exhibition will run until October 29.

Alongside the opening of the exhibition, a scientific conference was also held to discuss the value of the will and review achievements Vietnam obtained under its guidance, as well as looking at future challenges and devising ways to implement the will better.-VNA