An exhibition entitled “Sea, Islands and Naval Soldiers – The Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea” opened at the South East Region Armed Forces Museum in HCM City on Sept. 23.

The event is co-organised by the Navy’s Department of Politics and the Department of Politics of Military Zone 7 to mark the 66 th anniversary of the start of the resistance war in the Southern region (Sept. 23) and the 50 th anniversary of the launch of the Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea (Oct. 23).

With over 200 documentary photographs, maps and other items, the exhibition features courageous feats of Vietnamese naval soldiers during the anti-US war, including those on unnumbered ships on the legendary sea trail named after President Ho Chi Minh.

The Ho Chi Minh Trail at Sea was established on October 23, 1961, as a strategic maritime route for transporting weapons and goods to the southern battlefields, making major contributions to the great victory of 1975, when South Vietnam was liberated and the country reunified.

The exhibition also depicts the beauty, potential and strategic positions held by Vietnam ’s sea and islands, especially Truong Sa (Spratly) and Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelagos.

The dedication shared by naval soldiers and local people to overcome difficulties and dangers to protect sovereignty over the country’s sea and islands as well as the strength of Vietnamese naval forces are also in the spotlight at the event.

The exhibition will continue until Sept. 24./.