Cô Tô island district is an archipelago in the Gulf of Tonkin. This archipelago stays on the East side of Vân Đồn District, Quảng Ninh province.

With a total size of 50.1 square kilometers, the Cô Tô island district includes the island of Cô Tô Lớn, Cô Tô Con, Thanh Lân, Đảo Trần, and some smaller islands.

Cô Tô has much potential to develop and becomes one of the key points on marine economy and tourism of the North East region as a whole and Quảng Ninh province in particular. Cô Tô's advantages of tourism are the pristine beauty of long beaches with blue sea water and white sand; the diverse ecosystem of tropical primal forest that was preserved nearly perfectly.

Cô Tô was aimed to become an area of eco-tourism and island tourism with many kinds of tourism, sports, and entertainment activities on the sea and on islands. This place also has the Memorial Zone of President Hồ. President Hồ Chí Minh visited Cô Tô in 1961.

After a year, the Administrative committee of Hải Ninh province asked President Hồ Chí Minh's permission to build his statue on Cô Tô island and it was granted. This is the only place that President Hồ Chí Minh agreed to build his statue while he is alive.

Tourists come to Cô Tô not only can see the beauty of natural scenery on the archipelago but also have a chance to try local specialties like Cô Tô's squids, sardines, mackerels, and pompanos.

The beauty of Cô Tô, with clean and fresh air, and the friendliness of local people have created the strong attraction of Cô Tô's tourism.

Tourists come to Cô Tô now can use 5 stars tourist transport boats that are safe and convenient./.