Vietnam ’s Minister of Finance Vuong Dinh Hue On Feb. 23 met with a delegation of Singapore-based US businesses, headed by the US Ambassador to Singapore David Adelman.

Minister Hue applauded the delegation for visiting Vietnam , saying that the US is an increasingly important partner for Vietnam as two-way trade between both countries has been rising in recent years.

Hue said that Vietnam is focusing on reforming administrative procedures, especially when concerning tax and customs, to attract more foreign investors in the future. The country will also pay more attention to developing its infrastructure and respect preferential tariff commitments and financial policies for investors.

The Minister stressed the Vietnamese government will ask the National Assembly to fine tune and approve several laws to help speed up the reform of its economic policies to assist foreign businesses that invest in Vietnam.

Ambassador Adelman said he hoped that the Ministry of Finance will continue to create the best possible conditions for all overseas businesses, including US firms, to expand their investment portfolios in Vietnam.-VNA