Doctors at the Ho Chi Minh City Hospital for Tropical Diseases have diagnosed Trypanosoma evansi, a kind of blood parasite affecting a large number of wild and domesticated animal species, in a patient admitted to the hospital.

This is the first human Trypanosoma evansi case in Vietnam , the hospital announced on April 20.

According to Doctor Le Buu Chau, the 38-year-old patient from the southern Dong Nai province was hospitalised with a high fever, chills, knee pain, a severe headache and swollen liver. Tests showed evidence of liver and kidney damage and a Trypanosoma evansi infection.

After four days of critical treatment, the patient has completely recovered and was allowed to return home.

On March 17, the patient was treated at the Dong Nai General Hospital after 18 days of fever and other symptoms.

Currently, the hospital is working with experts from Oxford University and veterinary doctors to conduct research on the rare case as well as possible causes of transmission.-VNA