Dozens of offshore fishing vessels from the central region, including Da Nang, headed out to sea on May 10-11 , regardless of the possibility of aggressive actions by the Chinese ships , according to a local newspaper.

The Da Nang Today online said many local fishermen a t the city’s Tho Quang fishing wharf were busy making preparations for their next trips to the Hoang Sa (Paracel) waters. Their supplies of fuel, food, fresh water and ice have been loaded.

Le Van Chien from Thanh Khe d istrict affirmed that his offshore fishing vessel will operate in the location where China has illegally positioned its drilling rig.

He added that the upcoming trips to the Hoang Sa waters might result in dangerous situations. However, it is a great honour to him and the other local fishermen to support the Vietnamese coastguards in their fight against China’s intentional infringement of Viet n am’s sovereignty.

Another fisherman, Tran Trung Thang , who has more than 20 years’ experience of offshore fishing , said his upcoming fishing trip is very special to him because it will be conducted for the purpose of safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty.

He affirmed that the nation’s sea and islands are integral parts of its territory, and they play a vital role in securing the survival and prosperity of the country. For this reason, the Vietnamese G overnment and every resident across the country, including every fisherman, will uphold their responsibilities for protecting the nation’s waters.

The strong-willed man also vowed that he and other local fishermen would boost their solidarity and mutual support activities at sea.

Meanwhile, Captain Le Van Xin of the DNa 90026 offshore fishing boat remarked that Da Nang boasts a rich revolutionary tradition and the local people are dauntless.

He promised that he and the other local fishermen would increase the number of fishing trips to help those who are directly involved in protecting the nation’s sovereignty, and to boost the power to stop China’s illegal moves.

Xin emphasised that the local fishermen will keep calm to try to effectively resolve possible future incidents at sea.

Hoang Sa is an island district of the central city of Da Nang.-VNA