Relations between Vietnam and Japan is not only purely a strategic partnership but also as the two friends with same heartbeats, former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has said.

The former Japanese Prime Minister made the remark at a recent interview granted for a Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent in Tokyo on the occasion of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s upcoming visit to Japan to participate in the Japan-ASEAN Commemorative Summit.

Hatoyama said he was pleased to witness many events were organised successfully in both countries to mark the 40 th anniversary of their diplomatic ties in 2013 and they contributes to further promoting mutual understanding between the two peoples.

He said Vietnam is the country which Japan has built the most trustful partnership with, adding that the enhancement of their “fraternity” relations will create a favourable environment for cooperation in the region.

The two countries saw huge potential for cooperation in many fields, such as energy, environment. They need to map out specific cooperation projects and promote the implementation of them soon.

At present, Japanese businesses want to invest in foreign countries to boost their country’s economic development and they see Vietnam as a potential destination for cooperation, he added.

Talking about his future plans, Hatoyama, who made much dedication to boost the relations between the two nations, said he hopes to contribute to further fostering cooperation in the field of education.

It is necessary for Vietnam to train young and skilful technicians as in Japan , he suggested, saying that he hopes Vietnam will apply Japan ’s professional vocational training school system. He added that he will propose the idea to Vietnamese leaders.

The former PM also expressed his desire to create a favourable environment for Japanese nationals to live and work in Vietnam as there are more and more Japanese seeking to do business in the country.

In regard to agriculture, he said that Vietnam and Japan has similarities and Vietnam could apply Japan ’s technologies in the field, including irrigation system and information technology in agricultural production.

As for Vietnam-Japan cooperation within the framework of ASEAN, Hatoyama said an ASEAN Economic Community will be established by 2015 and he believed Vietnam will play a centre role in the community.

He also underlined that the increasingly intensive relationship between Vietnam and Japan will have a big influence on cooperation in the whole of the region.

The former Japanese Prime Minister said Japan and ASEAN have a fine relationship and it will continue further developing in the coming time.

Japan will provide support for each ASEAN member country through ODA projects. It will also work closely ASEAN members to better infrastructure system, focusing on countries that have strong economic growth.

Japanese enterprises will seek to open their plants in regional countries to boost Japan’s economic development. It will be the best development model in the relationship between Japan and ASEAN, the former PM stressed.-VNA