The April 30 victory in 1975 was also broadcast by the Voice of Russia. 42 years have gone, but the special broadcast is a vivid memory of correspondent Aleksey Sunnenberg.



The then Voice of Russia (now Radio Sputnik) was the first foreign radio station to broadcast news on the liberation of Southern Vietnam.

Aleksey Sunnenberg recalled that the station heard on April 30, tank T54 of the Vietnamese Liberation Army crashed through the then Saigon Presidential Palace gate (Independence Palace), the flag of the Liberation Army was planted on the roof of the palace, and the Saigon administration surrendered.

Aleksey Sunnenberg was so eager to report the news as though it was his own victory. He said the Soviet people stood beside the Vietnamese people in the fight against America.

Over the past years with historical ups and downs, each time he recalls memories of the victory, he is still touched. Aleksy Sunnenberg is proud to have experienced the significant historical moment.-VNA