Raymond Aubrac, a member of the French Communist Party and a close friend of Vietnam, passed away on Apr. 10 in Val de Grace Hospital , aged 97.

Born in 1914, Aubrac was one of the founders of the South French Revolution, who fought beside famous French fighter Jean Moulin in the French Unified Resistance.

In Vietnam , Aubrac is known as a faithful friend who always stood by Vietnamese people in the fight for national peace, independence and re-unification. He made positive contributions to the renovation cause of Vietnam as well as to the friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and France .

Aubrac was a close friend of President Ho Chi Minh, who stayed at Aubrac’s house during his three months in France in 1946. Aubrac rendered great assistance to Vietnam in the signing of the first Vietnam-France trade agreement in 1955 and other important agreements such as the cease fire in the war against the US .

Raymond Aubrac’s participation in important historic events of Vietnam has significant meaning, contributing to the country’s victory in many aspects.-VNA