Vietnamese people are familiar with Tò he (or toy figurines), which has long been a traditional toy for children. Yet, they know little about its origin and how it is made.A workshop themed “From Traditional to Modern Tò He” was held recently in Hanoi, allowing participants to study the development of Tò He and experience its making process under the instruction of artisans. Let’s find out more.

It is said that ‘tò he’ was originally made to be dedicated to Gods on festive days like Mid-autumn festival. Having been offered, they are delivered to kids with faith that the figurines may bring luck to those who keep them. After kids are done playing with them, parent may steam the edible figurines and feed them to their children.

The modest toy figurines have been a companion of Vietnamese kids through generations.

The event “From Traditional to Modern Tò He” by MyHanoi club aims to enrich people’s knowledge on the development of Vietnam’s signature toy through items illustrating the edible figurines through ages. Attending the event, participants can also make their own figurines under the instructions of artisans and MyHanoi’s members.

There were times tò he has faced falling into oblivion as children are showered with modern games, toys and other forms of entertainment. Yet, with efforts from the government, organisations and individuals, tò he making craft still thrives.-VNA