The police in Gia Lai province on May 8 arrested a number of FULRO reactionaries in Hra Commune, Mang Yang district as they allegedly incited the locals to sabotage national unity.

Exiled reactionaries headed by Ksor Kok, in the past sought contact with a part of Central Highlands Gia lai province’s population, the people of Kret Krot, K Dung1 and Bchat villages in particular, to urge them to follow the FULRO organization in setting up “a state of the Degar peoples in the Central Highlands.”

Though the local reactionaries had many times been persuaded by the local authorities and mass to return to the right direction, they stubbornly persisted in convincing some villagers to be involved in anti-government activities, thus undermining national unity, sowing division among religions and causing disorder in their dwelling areas.

After collecting enough evidence of their illegal actions, the Gia Lai Police arrested them with their weapons such as bows and swords and officially started legal proceeding against three leading figures, namely Runh, Byuk and Jonh for violating Article 87 of the Criminal Code on undermining national unity policies.-VNA