The Central Highland province of Gia Lai is fumelling resources investment into poverty reduction through the development of its infrastructure.

It aims to lower the poverty rate among ethnic groups living in the locality by 3-4 percent (equivalent to 8,000 households) on average each year.

In addition to investment from central and local authorities, the province has also called for contributions from businesses and the wider community.

The funding has gone into the building of roads, schools and electricity networks to better serve the lives of local people. Many of the province’s rubber enterprises have aided the local government in this work, while also committing to hiring workers from ethnic groups.

Gia Lai has also strengthened the implementation of policies relating to poverty reduction among ethnic groups, including those on education, health care, family planning and social welfare.

As a result of its efforts to reduce the poverty rate over a number of years, local people’s living conditions have considerably improved.

To date, roads and the national grid have been expanded to a the centres of all communes, while 80 percent of households can receive clean water.-VNA