The Central Highlands province of Gia Lai, sharing a 90-kilometre border with Cambodia’s Ratanakiri province, has rolled out a number of measures to strengthen foreign relations and build a border of peace, friendship, cooperation and development.

Some of the highlights of Gia Lai’s foreign policy are fostering people-to-people contacts, increasing meetings and talks to share information and support one another and speeding up projects to link the infrastructure, transport and market system of the two localities.

Since 2010, leaders of Gia Lai and Ratanakiri have held regular meetings to solve emerging matters and congratulate each other on special events, thus reinforcing mutual understanding between the border guards of both sides.

Gia Lai has also assisted Ratanakiri in building schools and its infrastructure system while providing food and materials for the disadvantaged in poor areas of Ratanakiri.

The Gia Lai Border Guard and Fatherland Front Committee have presented six “Solidarity-Friendship” houses worth hundreds of millions VND to poor households in Ratanakiri. Meanwhile, a number of healthcare delegations were sent to villages in the O Yadao district in Ratanakiri to provide free medical services to locals.

The provincial Border Guard also helped the Cambodian locality build a plan to cope with natural disasters and implement rescue activities.

The two provinces have worked closely in educating locals along the shared border to strictly implement the treaty on border regulations and communicate the significance of demarcation.

Currently, the localities have finished planting 10 border markers and defined the site for a marker at Le Thanh international border gate.

The border guard forces of both sides have also coordinated closely in preventing and combating crimes and illegal border crossings, contributing to ensuring social order and security in both localities.-VNA