The government’s regular meeting concluded on July 1 after two days of sitting, giving comments to the country’s socio-economic, security-defence and external relations performance in June and the first six months of this year, and drawing out directions for the rest of the year.

Leaders of many localities nationwide asserted that besides a number of achievements, including a GDP growth of 5.18 percent in the first half of this year, the country’s socio-economic situation still faced certain difficulties.

They pointed out that business and production still saw obstacles, with a high number of enterprises being dissolved and low credit growth, coupled with slow disbursement of State budget and capital from government bonds.

At the same time, a number of domestic and foreign-invested firms in several localities were affected by the recent incidents caused by some extremists taking advantage of local workers’ protest against China’s illegal placement of its oil rig in Vietnamese waters to damage the enterprises’ property, they said.

It crucial to design effective measures to ensure macro-economic stability and better control inflation, they said, adding that socio-economic goals set earlier for 2014 should not be adjusted.

It is also necessary to focus more on easing difficulties for business, providing support to the expansion of markets, especially export ones, and capital for prioritised areas, and speeding up the process of restructuring State-owned enterprises.

Together with further improving investment environment, it is important to remove obstacles facing investors and broaden markets to avoid depending on any certain market.

More support policy should be designed for investors in rural areas, while more investment made to national target programmes, especially that on sustainable poverty reduction, they said.

Regarding China ’s illegal placement of drilling rig Haiyang Shoyou-981 in Vietnam ’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, they held that the government and the Prime Minister have made drastic and systematic response measures in accordance with international law to resolutely demand China withdraw the rig out of Vietnam ’s waters.

An environment of peace and stability has been maintained to serve the country’s socio-economic development, they stated.

Meanwhile, the security, property and safety of enterprises and investors have been ensured, while effective and timely support rolled out for affected firms so that they could resume their operations.

Leasers of some localities proposed that the Government should take more measures to actively cope with unexpected negative situation in economic, trade and investment relations with China, while issuing special assistance policies for fishermen and mobilising international community’s support in safeguarding national sovereignty.

It needs to provide law enforcement forces at sea with more equipment to enhance their capacity, they said.

President of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour Dang Ngoc Tung suggested that the Government should pay a special attention to the diversification of markets to prevent dependence on any single economy, thus avoiding risks.

Concluding the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung hailed efforts by the entire Party, army and people to the socio-economic achievements in the first half of this year despite challenges and difficulties, particularly China’s illegal placement of its rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam.

Vietnam has maintained a high economic growth, macro-economic stability with controlled inflation, monetary market and foreign exchange rate, and increased foreign currency reserves, thus ensuring a balance for state budget, boosting export and reducing the poverty rate, the PM said.

Besides, Vietnam resolutely safeguard its sovereignty by peaceful measures in accordance with international law while affirming the country’s stance of demanding China to pull its oil rig from Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone.

The measures to solve the issue are applauded by all people and international community, he said, adding that countries around the world have raised their voice to support Vietnam’s justice and condemn illegal acts by China.

The PM elaborated on the tasks for the second half of this year, asking ministries and localities to keep a close watch on the situation and report to the Government in the context that the world economic and political situation remains complicated and the country is struggling against China ‘s acts in the East Sea.

He asked for utmost efforts to safeguard sea and island sovereignty by ways conforming to international law while successfully implementing goals and targets set earlier this year without adjustments to socio-economic development targets.

The leader emphasised three major goals, particularly safeguarding the sea and island sovereignty and demanding China to immediately withdraw its illegal rig from Vietnam’s waters.

Ministries and localities must continue to take measures to ensure normal relations, promote economic ties, trade and investment with China for the common benefits of both sides while considering plans in response to disadvantages arising in specific economic cooperative ties between the two countries.
He asked ministries and localities to build and operate an independent, self -reliant and globally integrated economy while expanding markets for import and export activities and fully tapping trade agreements and international commitments.

The second goal is to keep politics-security stability and social order to serve the country’s construction and development, avoiding turbulences caused by extremists who take advantage of sovereignty protection to violate law and damage firms’ estates.

The PM said the third goal is to realise the country’s GDP growth of 5.8 percent in 2014.

He instructed ministries and localities to complete regulations and institutions, improve investment climate and raise state management effectiveness.

They need to promote international integration, ease difficulties for businesses, while implementing sustainable poverty reduction measures, especially among ethnic minority people, he said.

Economic restructuring should be strictly carried out with focus on weak banks to ensure security and safety for the banking system, he said, adding that agricultural restructuring needs to be accelerated along with building new-style rural areas.-VNA