Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on February 18 issued a Government action plan to respond to the National Assembly’s resolution on intensifying the management of planning, investment, construction, operation and utility of hydro-electric power plants.

The plan seeks to make a fundamental change in the State management over hydro-electric power plants, which made up more than 48 percent of the country’s capacity for electricity generation and 44 percent of the national electricity output in 2013.

It requires the ministers, the heads of governmental-level and ministerial-level agencies, and the chairmen of the municipal and provincial people’s committees to step up inspections of the implementation of the National Assembly’s resolution.

It also asks the developers of hydro-electric power plant projects to report to the Prime Minister before beginning their construction work.

In 2013, the Government approved the removal of six potential large and 418 small hydropower projects from the national plan. These plants are deemed to have low effectiveness while likely to cause negative environmental and social impacts.

The Government was also unanimous in suspending work on another 136 projects.

After the review, the country now has 815 hydropower projects in its national plan, including 268 that are already operational and 205 others under construction.

Playing a crucial role in ensuring national energy security and socio-economic development, hydroelectricity power plants are also involved in controlling flooding and droughts, job generation and socio-economic development.-VNA