The government will pursue the consistent goal of continue stabilising the macro-economy and curbing inflation in the year 2011, said Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung.

Hung sent out the government’s new year message at a press conference in Hanoi on December 31. He also briefed the press on the country’s socio-economic situation in 2010 as well as the government’s important socio-economic tasks and key measures for 2011.

According to the Deputy PM, the government has put forth eight groups of solutions to help the country successfully implement its socio-economic tasks set for 2011, including renovating growth model and continue economic restructuring in order to create a rapid and sustainable development with a growth rate of between 7-7.5 percent.

The country will continue implementing poverty reduction, ensuring social welfare, developing culture, education and health, as well as improving people’s material and spiritual lives, Hung said.

Vietnam will strive to maintain national defence and security, expand foreign relations and improve its position in the international arena, he added.

The Deputy PM said that in 2010, Vietnam overcome all difficulties and challenges and emerged out of recession with a gradual recovery. It recorded a GDP growth rate of 6.78 percent, higher than the set target of 6.5 percent.

The country was able to reduce trade deficit during the year, Hung said, adding that the socio-political, defence and security situation was maintained and people’s living standards were much improved with better access to social welfares./.